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Automatic Electronic Snake Cat Toys

Automatic Electronic Snake Cat Toys

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Engage your feline friend with our Automatic Electronic Snake Cat Toy, designed to captivate and entertain. This smart sensing toy offers interactive fun, resembling a rattlesnake in action.


Dynamic Movement: Switch on for the S-type crawling motion. It automatically navigates obstacles, flashing its eyes, and swiftly adjusting direction. The toy showcases a stretching tongue and swaying tail, entering a brief dormant state after 1 minute of continuous play. Simply tap the snake head to resume the playful state.

Versatile Entertainment: This snake toy isn't just for cats. It's perfect for Halloween or Christmas parties, offering playful pranks and schemes that bring laughter to everyone.

Realistic Design: Crafted with a lifelike plastic body texture, the 3D naja cobra snake toy boasts remarkable realism. Its segmented body ensures a lifelike slithering action, guaranteeing entertainment for pets and children alike.

Charging Instructions:

  • Charging Time: 40 minutes
  • Connect the USB to the charging port. The red light will flash during charging."

This description emphasizes the toy's interactive features, versatility, and realistic design while providing clear instructions for charging 

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